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Increasingly, the public and the private sector are requesting bid and tender submissions be made online. It’s very rare for you to now have to submit paper copies of bids (though not completely unheard of). Certainly, in the public sector, most bids are now submitted electronically, and by October 2018 all public sector contracting bodies […]


Have you been asked to participate in an interview as part of a procurement process? It’s really important to understand the purpose of that interview, as that can determine how you approach it. Typically there are 3 types of interview: The interview attracts a % of the overall score for the procurement. This type of […]

Winning Tenders

Our next one day training course takes place on 9th May and is essential for any business considering bidding for public sector tender opportunities, either nationally or locally, or for those businesses who want to increase the number of tenders they win. The workshop will assist you to develop your skills, knowledge and expertise, thereby […]

It’s the little things…..

Most businesses that contact me to discuss bids and tenders have tried to secure a contract, but failed. Often, they’ve done so more than once. I can’t wave a magic wand and guarantee that by working with me, they’ll win the next bid they go for, but I can work with them to maximise their […]

Buy Local

The Government has an aspiration for one third of all procurement contracts to be awarded to small and medium sized businesses. Many of those businesses will have a preference to trade locally or regionally. But how many of those businesses – that includes you – look to see what public sector contracts are available locally? […]

Green Policies

Have you ever been asked, in a bid, to detail your environmental policies? Were you at a bit of a loss? Being environmentally friendly isn’t only important in tenders, it makes sound business sense and can improve your business profitability. There are lots of areas you can consider when thinking green, but they need to […]

Bid Evaluation

When you’re trying to win that new contract, or submitting a bid for a specific tender, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. What are they looking for? Have you addressed all the points they have raised in their specification? Have you answered the questions they have asked of you? No, really, have you answered the […]


Whether or not you tender for contracts, it’s really important to consider how you use client testimonials in your business. When you’re bidding for contracts and tenders, however formal they may be, remember that no-one has ever submitted a bid that says, “we’re pretty mediocre at delivering this service, but give us a chance”. On […]

What do organisations buy?

One of the comments I frequently hear, when I’m talking to businesses about tenders, is, “There’s never any tenders relevant to my business.” The public sector alone spends approximately £240bn every year with third parties. Yes, a great deal of that is taken up with high value procurements, but equally, there are hundreds of smaller […]

Business Networks

What possible use are business networks when trying to win tenders? There are lots of potential benefits. Potential Suppliers – so, you’re tendering for a contract, but your Health and Safety Policies aren’t up to scratch. It is highly likely that within many business networks, you will find, or meet someone who can introduce you […]