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Social Value

Have you heard of social value? Have you been asked to demonstrate it when responding to a bid? The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 is a relatively recent introduction, but the concept of social value, or corporate social responsibility, has been taken into account in tenders and bids for a number of years. So […]


Innovation. The one word that strikes terror into the heart of many people responding to bids. What does the evaluator want to see? How do I know if what I’m proposing is innovative? What if it isn’t something that they want? These are questions I’m frequently asked. There may never be a right or wrong […]

Winning Tenders

If you want to learn more about how to win more tenders, either from the public or the private sector, our next workshop is taking place on Tuesday 7th February in Stafford. This one day course is essential for any business considering bidding for public or private sector tender opportunities, either nationally or locally, or […]

Maximising Opportunities

So, it’s the New Year. Over the Christmas break, you focused on your business objectives for 2017 and determined that to grow your business, you need to win more contracts, from both the public and the private sector. The question is, how do you do that? How do you make sure that you maximise opportunities. […]

How do I find opportunities?

I’m frequently asked how companies find out about tender opportunities, as many people only realise too late that there was a contract relevant to their business. The short answer is that there is no single solution to this conundrum. You could choose to sign up with one of the many subscription based services, who will […]


I’m always surprised, when talking to businesses, how many don’t seek feedback on tenders they have submitted, whether they won the bid, or lost it. Feedback is absolutely essential to inform your future bids. If you won the bid, more often that not you’re busy getting ready to deliver the contract, but take 5 minutes […]

Review Your Bids

OK, admit it! You’ve been tendering for contracts for quite a while. You’ve won some and you’ve lost some. How often do you sit down to review the bids you have submitted? It’s really important to understand why you have won the bids you’ve won, just as it is important to understand why you’ve lost […]

Bidding on behalf of a charity?

Working in the third sector is hard enough; every penny has to stretch that little bit further and funders want to know that money helping to fund a particular project, is money well spent. And let’s face it … large donations and the occasional unexpected legacies rarely arrive just when you need them. Income can […]

Supplier Questionnaire

You may well be familiar with the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ), but what about the Supplier Questionnaire (SQ). Back in 2015, when the Public Contracts Regulations were revised, they stated that we would move to a European Single Procurement Document, which would replace the PQQ. Back then, there was no timetable for its introduction. Well, it’s […]

Tried to tender, but failed?

Never fall into the same trap again by understanding common mistakes you really ought to know about! Who said that the tendering process is easy? Er … no-one … ever … as far as I know! That’s because there are often large sums of money involved, many applicants, many evaluators, and many pitfalls.   So here, and […]