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Brexit & Procurement

Much has been said over the last few days about Brexit, following the outcome of the referendum which took place on 23rd June. Whether you voted to remain, or to leave, several companies have asked what the impact of Brexit will be on their businesses from a procurement perspective. The bottom line is that in […]

Future proofing the perfect policy for tenders

If you’ve carried out a bit of groundwork when it comes to tender applications, you’ve probably realised that familiar terms and phrases keep popping up. Tender bid phrases such as ‘up-to-date,’ ‘training, ’‘communication’ and ‘review.’ And I make no excuse in saying that you’ll probably continue to see these expressions in future writings as they […]

Getting to Grips with Jargon!

As with any industry, the procurement sector is littered with jargon and acronyms. From the outset, you could come across various terms, acronyms and abbreviations within the bid document which you may not be familiar with. This list isn’t exhaustive, but it does outline some of the more well used terms … and if in […]

I’m a private business, how on earth can I benefit from the public sector??

Public sector, private sector, tertiary sector…just what does it all mean and why should it matter to me? You may think that it doesn’t matter, but it’s actually pretty important to understand the difference because they can be intrinsically dissimilar in structure, operation and process. When approaching a public sector tender application there are specifics […]

Are You Ready To Bid?

With £238bn in the pot you should be! It’s a cliché but if I had a pound for everyone I met who had tried to tender for business and had failed then I would surely be a millionaire! Well, maybe not quite a millionaire but I’d certainly be able to bag a few more holidays […]

Summer Lull

I’m often asked if there is a lull in activity over the summer break. After all, if the public sector really was small business friendly, surely they wouldn’t issue tenders during the main holiday season, when people are unlikely to be able to respond to tenders are they? Well, put yourself in their shoes for […]

Framework Agreements

I’m often asked what a framework agreement is, and what does it mean in terms of tendering for a contract. To respond to that question, I’ve tried to summarise the key points below: A framework agreement is a contract that is used in procurement when there is more than one potential supplier. So for example, […]

New EU Procurement Directives

The EU is making some significant changes to procurement legislation, which every member state must adopt: the UK Government has set out its intention to implement these changes as soon as practical, and potentially by the Autumn of this year. Some of the key changes to the legislation include: increased use of supplier self declarations, […]


Are you confused about tenders? Do you think that tenders are something you should be considering for your business, but ultimately you’re not really sure? As part of our holistic approach to working with our clients, before we jump into a tender, both feet first, we always review whether this is the right strategic approach […]