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No, I haven’t decided to become a butcher and I’m certainly not horsing around! But I am frequently asked what does ‘MEAT’ stand for in the context of a tender. To answer the question, it stands for ‘Most Economically Advantageous Tender”. So, that’s answered that one – a nice, short blog post for this week! […]

Top Tips

There are a number of things that it pays to do when you are contemplating submitting a tender. Many of these will strike you as being common sense, but believe me, it is surprising how many people do not complete these steps, meaning that they fail to comply with the requirements of the tender. Make […]

Business Continuity

OK, so be honest, how many of you have got up to date, tested, documented Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plans? No? Well, if you’re serious about tendering into the public sector this is something you do need to think about. What would happen if your business suffered from a fire or flood? What would […]

Can Small Businesses Tender for Contracts?

I’m often told that public sector bodies are not geared up to deal with small and medium sized businesses, and as a result, the tenders they publish are not small business friendly. I think in some cases that is very true, but I honestly think there is a change in attitude towards small businesses, and […]

Where Do I Find Tenders?

One of the statements I hear most often from customers and potential customers is, “Why didn’t I know that xyz local authority was tendering that contract? I could have done that work.”  The inference is that the tendering authority concerned should have made contact with the company, and invited them to tender. My response is […]