Business Continuity

OK, so be honest, how many of you have got up to date, tested, documented Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plans? No? Well, if you’re serious about tendering into the public sector this is something you do need to think about.

What would happen if your business suffered from a fire or flood? What would happen if your computer / server failed? And please, don’t adopt the standpoint, “Well, that always happens to other people, it won’t happen to me.” Disasters do happen. The public sector is aware of this (think of some of the major incidents over the years – computers / data left on trains, in rubbish bins, foot & mouth disease exclusion zones…); all these things could impact your business.

How well equipped you are to deal with those potential situations will be assessed as part of your response to any tender you wish to submit. Simply by having the plan, you haven’t done enough. Have you tested it? When? What were the outcomes? What action did you take as a result? When do you plan to retest it? Are all of your staff aware of the plan, and of their responsibilities should a disaster happen?

Consider some of these points: Do you have insurance that will be of assistance if a disaster befalls your business? Do you have alternative premises that you can relocate to? Do you have appropriate software backups of your key data?

If you think you need any assistance with business continuity & disaster recovery planning, then please do shout out for assistance. Through an extensive network of contacts, combined with a number of years experience of evaluating these documents as part of tender responses, and of writing tenders for businesses, much of the information you require, or contacts you will need, I can source for you very quickly.

Don’t leave it until it is too late before you do something about it. Whether you intend to bid for public sector contracts or not, a business continuity and disaster recovery plan is something every business needs.


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