Are you confused about tenders? Do you think that tenders are something you should be considering for your business, but ultimately you’re not really sure? As part of our holistic approach to working with our clients, before we jump into a tender, both feet first, we always review whether this is the right strategic approach for your business. Whilst public and private sector tenders are potentially a good source of business, there has to be a strategic fit, and the tender process is a key part of the sales process, alongside all the other channels to market that you have.

So, if you’re not sure, it is always worth seeking strategic advice about your business, and its growth potential first. To that end, we are able to provide you with help and support, to undertake that strategic review. Even better news for you is that the cost of that support could potentially be subsidised. We are accredited Growth Accelerator coaches, and also an approved Growth Voucher adviser. Both those schemes may provide part of the cost of funding (potentially up to 75%) for a strategic review of your business, and better news still, if your business is based in Staffordshire, I may be able to signpost you to an alternative grant scheme which works in conjunction with Growth Accelerator to provide a further 25% subsidy to your total cost.

If that is something that might be of benefit to your business, and interests you, then please do get in touch with us to find out more about how tenders might benefit your business.

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