I’m always surprised, when talking to businesses, how many don’t seek feedback on tenders they have submitted, whether they won the bid, or lost it. Feedback is absolutely essential to inform your future bids. If you won the bid, more often that not you’re busy getting ready to deliver the contract, but take 5 minutes out to ask the buyer what it was about your bid that stood out from your competition. The answer you get might not be the one that you were expecting, and that will help to inform future bids that you submit.

If you were unsuccessful in your bid, don’t despair. The feedback you receive can inform future bids. If the feedback you’ve had doesn’t tell you much, then ask for a more detailed de-brief, so that you can learn for future submissions. It may be that your pricing was wrong, or it might be that part of your narrative response didn’t quite hit the mark. Whichever it is, unless you know, you’re not in a position to improve things for the future.

In my experience, only about 1 in 5 bidders asks for detailed feedback, so why not give your business the edge and be the one to ask for feedback. And don’t forget, once you’ve got that feedback, take action!

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