Green Policies

Have you ever been asked, in a bid, to detail your environmental policies? Were you at a bit of a loss? Being environmentally friendly isn’t only important in tenders, it makes sound business sense and can improve your business profitability. There are lots of areas you can consider when thinking green, but they need to be appropriate to your business.

Consider your travel policy. How do you travel to client meetings? Is public transport an option? Do you consider car sharing? Do you have a cycle to / at work scheme? Do you cut out travel as much as possible and use Skye, Google Hangouts or other video conferencing methods? What about your vehicles? Are they maintained in accordance with manufacturer recommendations? Are they low polluters?

There are several small things you can implement around the office too. Turn off those computer monitors (and computers) when they’re not being used, switch off lights, replace light bulbs with LED equivalents.

Do you have targets for energy consumption per employee? Paper reduction targets? These are easy to develop and, if managed, can reduce your overhead costs.

Are you able to allow any of your staff to work from home, thus reducing the number of commuter trips made? What about flexible start / finish times so that staff can take advantage of public transport?

All those steps are relatively minor. You could go further. If you’re planning to refurbish your premises, can you make bigger changes – solar power, motion sensitive lighting or other green measures that reduce your overall energy consumption?

You may want to have a look at the ISO14001 environmental management standard to get some ideas as to the types of activity you could undertake, or if you’re already doing it, why not consider being accredited to the standard?

It may look good in tenders, but more importantly, there is a benefit to the environment you live and work in, and if you can save money whilst being more environmentally friendly, what’s not to like…?

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