Have you been asked to participate in an interview as part of a procurement process? It’s really important to understand the purpose of that interview, as that can determine how you approach it. Typically there are 3 types of interview:

  1. The interview attracts a % of the overall score for the procurement. This type of interview can be challenging. The questions should be clear in advance of the interview, to give you the opportunity to prepare. You need to be careful not to contradict what you have said in your written submission, but also be prepared for questions arising from your interview or presentation. It’s also important to know how the evaluators’ plan to assess the interview, there is a danger that these can be subjective.
  2. Clarification interview. There won’t be a separate score for this process, but it is likely that if you can’t successfully and succinctly clarify points you have made in your response document, you could find that your initial scores have been reduced as a result. It is very unlikely that your scores will increase however!
  3. Site visit. If the evaluators wish to visit your premises as part of the evaluation process, it is essential that everything you have said in your tender submission can be validated at the site visit. That covers everything from the approach to your building, to the point at which the evaluators leave. So, if you have described a process as part of your security protocol for signing into your premises, did you follow it? If you have stated that you deliver a service in a certain way, can you evidence it during the site visit? More importantly, will your staff reinforce what you say, or will they contradict what you’ve said because your response isn’t actually how it happens on a daily basis?

If you have interviews or site visits that are part of your bidding process and you want to make sure they are as successful as possible, then do get in touch.

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