Planning – A Necessary Evil

Yes, you’re right, it is a long time since my last blog post, mainly because I hadn’t planned the content and then got busy working with clients, so kept having to think about what to blog about.

I was going to blog about using the summer to review the documentation you have and use for tenders, but the summer has been (I think), and we’re now heading into the autumn.

So, planning. Why is it relevant? I want to focus on two themes!

If you believe that tenders and writing bids are a strategy you want to pursue in your business, then planning is essential. You may well have all the policies and procedures in place that your business requires – if you do, that’s great, you’re half way there. But (isn’t there always a but!), when did you last review them? How often do you plan to review them? Have you ever reviewed them? If not, you should! Legislation changes, business changes, your policies will need to change to keep abreast of those changes. When you’re submitting a tender, stating that you have a policy will tick the box. Describing your review process, the changes that were made and the benefits that result from that will bring your answer to life, and demonstrate that you really do ‘practice what you preach’, giving you extra points and therefore making it more likely that you will win that tender that you really want.

Which brings me neatly on to the tender writing process. Always plan your response, co-ordinate your team, ensure everyone understands exactly what is required of them, and the timescales for them to provide you with the information. Don’t leave it til the last minute, otherwise it may go wrong and you will miss your deadline.The best way to do this is some form of project inception meeting. Set out in a clear timetable the key milestones, who is responsible and key review dates.

I can’t remember who said, ‘Fail to plan: plan to fail’, but it is very true, which is why I’ve failed to blog for such a long time.

Must try harder next time and plan more effectively!

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