Review Your Bids

OK, admit it! You’ve been tendering for contracts for quite a while. You’ve won some and you’ve lost some. How often do you sit down to review the bids you have submitted? It’s really important to understand why you have won the bids you’ve won, just as it is important to understand why you’ve lost the ones you didn’t win. It’s all too easy to be so immersed in the business that you don’t have time, but you must take a step back and find the time to review each of your bids, learn from them and understand what you can do to improve future bids.

If you haven’t got time, ask someone else to help you to review those bids that you’ve submitted. The review should help you to refine future bids, and should inform you which bids in the future you have a better chance of being successful with. That investment of time now should save you time later.

So, remember to take time out to review the bids you’ve submitted, learn from them and apply that knowledge to future bids. If you require external assistance with those bid reviews, get in touch with us to find out how we can help you through the review process.

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