Summer Lull

I’m often asked if there is a lull in activity over the summer break. After all, if the public sector really was small business friendly, surely they wouldn’t issue tenders during the main holiday season, when people are unlikely to be able to respond to tenders are they?

Well, put yourself in their shoes for a moment. First, there are services which must still be delivered, not everyone goes on holiday during the school holidays after all. Secondly, if you are successful in securing a contract to deliver services, are you really going to say that you can’t deliver services in the summer during the holiday period?

If you’re going away this summer, prepare in advance. Ask someone else to monitor email inboxes for tender notifications, make sure that any outstanding tenders are finalised before you go away and unless you’re taking the whole of August off work, then you should still have time to respond to those Invitations to Tender when you return (although I did raise an eyebrow at one below the threshold tender I saw recently that had a 7 day turnaround).

As ever, the old adage of ‘Be Prepared’ could never be more true over the summer. The public sector does not shut down – even school Business Managers do not go away for the summer – so why should they expect that their suppliers will be closed?

So, don’t expect a lull in the number of tenders issued this summer, you may get caught out!

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