Supplier Questionnaire

You may well be familiar with the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ), but what about the Supplier Questionnaire (SQ). Back in 2015, when the Public Contracts Regulations were revised, they stated that we would move to a European Single Procurement Document, which would replace the PQQ. Back then, there was no timetable for its introduction. Well, it’s here now, in the form of the Supplier Questionnaire. Any new public procurement projects should now use this document, so you need to be familiar with it.

It still asks for basic information such as company name, address, legal status and contact details. It also asks for parent company detail if applicable. The Statement of Good Standing is also included, separated into mandatory and discretionary exclusions. You’ll see that you still have to be able to provide 2 years’ accounts, or be able to demonstrate an alternative financial position if you don’t have 2 years’ accounts.

You’ll have to demonstrate technical and professional ability with up to three previous relevant contracts. There is now a requirement to detail sub-contractors and the relationship you have with them, if you’re going to use them to deliver a contract. There is also a section about modern slavery, insurances and for large value contracts, information about skills and apprentices, both within your business and in the supply chain. Finally, you’ll also be asked about past performance.

Much of the information is not dissimilar to that in the old PQQ document, but it is worth taking time now to familiarise yourself with the new questionnaire, and make sure you can answer all those questions.

If you’re not sure about any aspect of the Supplier Questionnaire, get in touch for a no obligation chat.

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