Baswich Business Services works with a wide range of businesses. Here are just a few of the testimonials we have received:

Many thanks for all your help – we would never have done it without you, both in terms of your knowledge which gave us a great deal of reassurance but also making us meet the deadline.” Mark Turnbull, Hamer Childs

“I have used Jonathan at Baswich Business Services to draft bid and tender responses for the last 18 months. I have to complete increasing numbers of public sector tenders, and Jonathan’s structured approach has achieved great results. Jonathan’s strength is his ability to interpret questions thoroughly and answer them completely. He’ll always assist on any matter concerning written communication, and I’m happy to be contacted on to verify my continued satisfaction.” Colin Naylor, Dukes Bailiffs Limited

“Since originally being engaged in 2009, to work on a National Forensic Framework tender opportunity, Jonathan has gone on to provide Key Forensic with his expert support in bid management on more than a dozen further occasions. Tenders for police work are extremely complex and require an in-depth understanding of the forensic marketplace, forensic products and the National Forensic Framework tendering process. Jonathan has very quickly amassed this specialist knowledge, earning respect from the most senior Key Forensic staff and has skillfully guided the company through the intricacies of the tendering process. In addition, he has managed an internal bid team in a highly professional manner, always garnering commitment and ultimately, managing to deliver a compelling bid within the prescribed timeframe. As a result of Jonathan’s strong skills set, experience and focus, Key Forensic has experienced considerable success in its tendering activities. We continue to use Jonathan’s services without hesitation and regard him very much as an integral member of the Key Forensic team.” Paul Whitehouse, Key Forensic Services

“Jonathan Andrew recently held a tendering training workshop for Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce. His extensive knowledge made this session both instructive and invaluable. The workshop was a huge success, and this was in no small part due to his clear, structured and supportive approach. Jonathan is able to impart his knowledge in a way that is concise and understandable, and his experience coupled with his expertise makes his advice indispensable. Not only this, Jonathan’s approachable and professional manner makes him a second to none consultant. His training has proved to be essential for anybody wishing to gain a clear understanding of tendering and bid-writing, and the Chamber recommends his services. Linda McQuade, Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce

“Jonathan is the best multi-disciplinary procurement expert that I have met in 25 years of business.” SW, Business Services Industry

“Jonathan has given invaluable advice and support. He is an expert in tendering and could help any business looking to grow via procurement or tendering.” PO, IT Consultancy

“This company is key to the door of local authority tendering and business development, leading to an increased income.” GC, Training Industry

“Jonathan’s support and advice has been exceptional in aiding the Church in applying for funding – we’ve just been told we have won £150k.” SC, Church

“I recently attended a tender workshop to understand whether investing time, money and effort in responding to Pre-Qualification Questionnaires was goingto benefit my business. I came away with a clear understanding about the actions I needed to complete before including PQQ and tender responses as part of my sales and marketing strategy. The workshop was well structured and Jonathan’s clear and concise delivery was excellent. I’d highly recommend Jonathan’s workshop whether you are already responding to PQQ’s or are just thinking about it – the content was suited for businesses and people with different levels of experience in this area.” Lyndon Hughes, D2NA

“Jonathan is an approachable, straightforward and honest professional; he has an exceptional ability to work through tricky projects to a successful end without losing focus.” AJ, Construction Industry

“Jonathan is a real team player and has the ability to tailor his skills to meet the requirements of different projects. The ability to develop outline and full bid proposals to such a high standard and in a concise manner is a skill I have been lucky enough to experience first hand. In addition, Jonathan’s ability to produce financials for funding proposals is second to none. Jonathan will go out of his way to help other colleagues, so this, combined with his exceptionally broad skills set makes him an asset to any organisation.” KP, Business Support Industry

“Jonathan is a star player, astute, open minded and very hard working. One of the few people I know who can successfully drive projects, make sure that the processes & detail or tickety boo …without ever losing sight of the big picture. And did I mention his resilient sense of fun.” JD, Business Support Industry