What do organisations buy?

One of the comments I frequently hear, when I’m talking to businesses about tenders, is, “There’s never any tenders relevant to my business.” The public sector alone spends approximately £240bn every year with third parties. Yes, a great deal of that is taken up with high value procurements, but equally, there are hundreds of smaller value contracts published, on average about 600 each week.

So, what does the public sector buy? Well, in recent weeks, opportunities have been published in many different areas, including:

  • chemical waste disposal
  • duck food supplies
  • external audit services
  • fire safety assessments
  • rail material fabrication and supply
  • insolvency services
  • boarding up services

The list above is a tiny extract from recent tenders that have been published. Frankly, I’ve yet to find a business sector that doesn’t have opportunities available to them. The opportunities above are all public sector opportunities, don’t forget that many private sector businesses also tender their purchasing requirements.

You need to be very clear and concise in knowing what products and services you offer, and how they are categorised by potential buyers. For example, you may manufacture a product, but does a buyer seek to solely buy the product, or do they purchase the product and installation? If so, can you partner with an installer, so that your bid will be considered? If you can, how do you select that installer? What is their track record. Once you’ve found the installer, the job hasn’t finished there.

It’s essential that you know where those opportunities are advertised, and how your target customers buy the services you deliver. Are they tendered? If so, where are they advertised?

If you’re not sure whether your products and services are bought by public sector organisations, or by commercial buyers in the private sector, on a competitive tender basis, get in touch with us and we’ll talk to you about your product and service offer, to work out with you where you need to be searching for those opportunities.

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