Our professional package focuses on the key aspects of your business that you will need to have in place to maximise your chances of winning new business. Specifically we focus on:


We will help you to focus on the areas within the public, not for profit and private sector that you need to target, building on your existing customer base to determine:

  • the type of organisation you wish to work with and why?
  • the strategic fit between the organisations you are targeting and the customers you have serviced historically
  • how can you raise your profile within the organisations that you wish to target
  • are you registered with the appropriate web portals to identify opportunities that might arise from those organisations?

Existing Bid Documents Review

We will review the three most recent bids you have submitted, undertaking a critical assessment of each, to provide learning opportunities to maximise future opportunities. Detailed feedback on the bids you have submitted will be provided, allowing you to build on the strengths of past bids, whilst maximising areas of opportunity.

Documentation & Policy Review

Do you have all the documents in place that you will need in order to submit successful tenders? Are those documents comprehensive? Are they a true reflection of what happens in your business? What are the gaps?

We review all the policies and documents you will need to submit tenders, including:

  • accounts and financial information
  • insurances
  • equal opportunities & diversity
  • health & safety
  • quality management
  • business continuity & disaster recovery
  • information security management
  • environmental management
  • social value

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